Welcome to my blog!


I am Pastor Barber of the Mount Sinai M.B. Church of Miami, FL.  You can visit our church’s website (www.mountsinai-mbc.com) to gain more information about our church.


This blog will be a medium to dialogue on a variety of topics including film, television, book and other reviews, previously preached sermons, community issues, societal concerns, political observations, humanity, education and all things relevant – or maybe not!


I want to engage in dialogue through this blog.  I hope that it can also prove to be a means to provoke thought.


Blessings and welcome!

9 responses to “About

  • Min. Beatrice Harris

    God bless you Moderator Barber, you are doing a great work.

  • Samantha Council

    Hi, Pastor Johnny L. Barber and Moderator;

    I would like to say that you truly blessed me on my pastor’s seventh Pastoral Anniversary given for Dr. Howard B. Barr Jr. I liked how you talked about the inheritance of the people of God and when Jacob and Caleb and others where asked to spy out there inheritance. it just truly blessed and encouraged me to spy out my inheritance and I’m going to believe the good report that God has shown me afore hand and the inheritance I see looks truly good indeed. Good Bless You, Pastor J. L. Barber.
    Sis. Samantha Council

  • Samantha Council

    Thank you Again, humble servant of God. Sis. S. Council

  • pastorjlb

    It was indeed my pleasure. Glad to hear how it blessed you.

  • Samantha Council

    I would also like to add that Mount Sinai is a beautiful sanctuary and I enjoy your blog and posted topics giving another platform where I can also go to share my faith. Keep up the good work. J.L. Barber. May God continue to bless you. 8/29/2014 2:55pm

  • pastorjlb

    Thank you.

  • samantha Council

    Pastor J. L. Barber I truly see that you strive for excellence and greatness and has done much in your community and for the work of God and is a person of sharp discernment . I would like to ask you something pertaining to myself since this is a platform to share my faith? But I would like to ask on a private level. Do you has a open prayer line to discuss this matter? Please comment back.

  • Samantha Council

    Dear, Pastor Johnny L. Barber
    Its a Spiritual a war fare going on within and certain Christians are being wounded in the spirit man. Do anyone want to talk about spiritual ware fare? No disrespect but I want to know how to win my battles without being sabotaged by the enemy so that I too can walk in Gods greatness and his destination. Now desperate for answers and wounded.

  • Minister Carolyn McKay

    Dear Pastor Barber,
    I visited your church a few weeks ago with my father’s group the overtown 6 pac. I really enjoyed your sermon and I understand my purpose for being there on that particular Sunday. When you mentioned Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five my first thought was “where in the world is he going with this” but as the message unfolded I understood and since then the words of that song “don’t push me I am close to the edge, I am trying not to loose my head” and the message “stand on the promises of God” have become my theme song and mantra. I am dealing with the health care delivery system for a family member who recently suffered a stroke. It has been time consuming and frustrating. As someone who works within the system as well as know people in the system I understand and feel for others who may not have the resources that I have; I very well understand how the sytem can push anyone to the edge. As a mininster it was great to be ministered to with such a timely message. I maybe pushed but God is able to keep me and He can and will push back for me. May God continue to bless you, Minister Carolyn McKay

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